Train Your Rabbit to a Cage When You Give Orders

You need to take your baby to the hospital or put him in the cage because it’s time to go to bed, play time is up However, when playing forever, the baby rabbit will not listen to you. So training your rabbit with a “Enter the Cage” command will help you. Refer to the training steps below to achieve results!

Commands that can be used: Enter the cage, enter the pocket, enter the house, enter the house, etc.

Step 1:

Place your rabbit near your baby’s pen or travel bag.

Step 2:

Put the food your baby likes in the cage.

Step 3:

Call the baby’s name and say “go to the pen” and point the baby in the cage from the door.

Step 4:

After the baby enters the barn to reward the baby with food.

-> If your rabbit is already in, then wait for the company and then you use the command “come here” to call your baby to play next.

-> If your baby won’t come in, don’t take him in or take the piece of food as he or she needs to get used to the command and have to do it many times successfully. Remember to remind the baby’s name and command many times.