Product Reviews By Me

Well, I am making an attempt at writing product reviews…

Zombie Chocolate Bunny

So, yes, I ordered this product (because why not?) and as soon as I chewed the box open, it jumped out and started to attack me! I could have sworn it was trying to eat me! The only thing I could do (And I’m not really complaining) was bite off his head! But other then that, great item, I really recommend it!

Butter Chapstick

Ok, I have to admit, this stuff is totally worth it. I mean, why in the heck would you wan’t to use a boring knife to spread butter when you can use put it on your bread like Chapstick? I just had to remind my humans that it wasn’t actually Chapstick. But since they don’t speak rabbit, that didn’t go so well…

Rabbit Hutch

What is this? People sell this? Its like basicly living in a cardboard box!

I was thinking something more along the lines of this:

“Luxury hutch fits three rabbits or one spoiled one”

Hey, I don’t mind. You can call me spoiled as much as you want as long as I can live in that mansion.

Rabbit Mat

My humans think it would be nice to put this in my hutch. I chewed it up.

Well, there you have it! My first product reviews.

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