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Train Your Rabbit to a Cage When You Give Orders

You need to take your baby to the hospital or put him in the cage because it’s time to go to bed, play time is up However, when playing forever, the baby rabbit will not listen to you. So training your rabbit with a “Enter the Cage” command will help you. Refer to the training… Read More »

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7 Factors You Must Begin Raising Rabbits

1. Free Plant food Rabbits are a mother lode of fertilizer for your garden. Generally, one bunny can generate approximately 500 pellets of waste daily! These pellets are packed with nitrogen, phosphorous as well as potassium, and are a fantastic enhancement to the yard. Rabbit manure won’t melt your plants like fowl manure will, which… Read More »

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How Do You Transport a Rabbit?

At present, many people would like to keep many pet animals in their home like cat, rabbit, dog and others. Rabbit is a beautiful pet animal, so most of kids love to keep rabbits around them. However they need a special backpack to carry the rabbit which should be safer while travelling. They have to… Read More »

How Much Space does a Rabbit Need in its Cage?

Everyone would love rabbits and few of them prefer to grow those lovely rabbit along with them in their home. Before setting the cage, it is required for you to research more about what is the best cage for indoor rabbits would suits perfect for you to fit in your home. The rabbit needs some… Read More »

My People Are Keeping A Rabbit In Their Phone!

Usually, I like family picnics. There’s always some great fruits and vegetables that my family gives me, and I always like the beautiful scenery. But recently I figured out that the loud black box that humans keep in their pocket has a name. It’s called a phone. I never really understood what joy a box… Read More »

Product Reviews By Me

Well, I am making an attempt at writing product reviews… Zombie Chocolate Bunny So, yes, I ordered this product (because why not?) and as soon as I chewed the box open, it jumped out and started to attack me! I could have sworn it was trying to eat me! The only thing I could do (And… Read More »

Sorry, But I’m Back!

I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t been blogging since Easter. The thing is, I’ve been so busy chewing up the curtains. Well, it’s only because its nesting season, and I just have the need to chew stuff. My humans have started to put some sticks and salt into my hutch to… Read More »

Poem In My Pocket Day

It’s Poem in my Pocket Day. Well, I don’t really have a pocket but here is a poem I like: Yep, you guessed it, It has rabbits in it. The Rabbit by Elizabeth Maddox Roberts When they said the time to hide was mine, I  hid back under a thick grape vine. And while I… Read More »